Thursday, January 1, 2009

Star City Day

December 29,we went to Star City.I was with my tito and tita and my mother and sister. the most exciting ride was wild river it was exciting because when the log fell i felt like i was gonna fly:] and i liked the part when i got wet.the most boring ride is time tunnel its so educational .

We went to snow world, its just a place filled with ice and their management is strict because you are not allowed to take pictures at it but i did have fun.

Their Christmas tree is huge and has a big ,yellow, spiky star that looks like a crown. The Christmas tree looked like it was placed on a yellow dish.

i enjoyed the day because i went to snow world but too bad cause the room is too little and there are many people.i want to thank my tita because she planned the trip.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

about me

hi i am Sophia and this is my blog.It's my first time. I am just a girl and i am doing this because i am bored and i found out this site and signed-up.

My blog is all about me and my life.My favorite color is violet and i like to watch Detective Conan(anime).When i am bored i just get the PSP and play or go to the Internet favorite subject is Christian Living i am not that good at the subject i just like it to tell you the truth i hate well not that hate i am not good at science,but i love gadgets.

My blog is called gadget Sophia cause i am still young yet i have gadgets, i have a digital camera and cellphone with camera. I will tell more about gadgets in my next post.